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Written & produced by Roo McKeller.

PRS Tunecode - 191755FP
ISWC - T-917.458.299-1


From the moment she conceived you and introduced you to the world
She knew that you'd be perfect, full of innocence & curls
The gift of life so precious wasn't all that she'd impart
For she also gave her heart

No matter what may happen, she'll accept you as you are
And be there right beside you, however near or far
With a soul that knows no limits she will love you endlessly
That's what a mother means to me

Like the petals of a rose, so fragile in perfect majesty
She'll never show her pain but soldiers on relentlessly
You see, long before she met you, already she had chosen
To sacrifice her life for yours

So tender & forgiving, her patience saves the day
When little feet they wander and often lose their way
She's a lighthouse in the darkness on a cold & stormy sea
That's what a mother means to me

Oh, she'd die for you if God had asked her so
But until the day He calls her home, she'll never let you go
And it's one of many secrets she'll forever keep from you
Because that's just what mothers do

As you look back on a lifetime & all that you've been through
It's her faith that moved the mountains that stood in front of you
For the greatest friend you'll ever know was the one that came to be
On the day that she had you

One day she will have to leave you and with the angels she will fly
When her smile becomes a memory and you have to say goodbye
So don't you wait until tomorrow, won't you let her know right now
How much your mother means to you
Just what a mother means to you