What A Mother Means To Me...

Hi everyone,

Well, fresh from my little motivation boost the other day, curtesy of The UK Songwriting Contest update, I have a new song for you today!

This new song is called "What A Mother Means To Me" & is dedicated to all mothers out there who sacrifice & endure so much to ensure their children have everything they need. I can't say my childhood was perfect, far from it, but I know my mother wished the very best for me in whatever I did. And as she walks the final steps of her journey, she may perhaps wonder if she could've done better, as all of us parents have done from time to time. But on the flip side, as children we can often be guilty of not showing as much appreciation to our mothers as we possibly could. So I just wanted to let my mother know how grateful I am for everything she has done & also for the life she gave me. Because of her, you get to hear this song...

Thank you mum xxx


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