New song online!

Hi everyone,
Yay! It's finally finished! I Wish That They Would Too has taken a really long time to complete, but I have a good excuse. I've recently purchased Slate VSX, a headphone mixing system. It's amazing in it's realness, but because of that it's taken a little while for my ears to adjust to what I'm listening to due to the room ambience in each of its mixing environments. That being said, VSX is an incredibly accurate system & so I wanted to take some time on this song & get used to how it all works. And I'm very happy with the results!

And for all those audiophiles out there that don't advocate mixing on headphones, remember, most people listen to music nowadays on headphones & earbuds. So wouldn't it make sense to mix that way too? And for those of us that can't afford million dollar recording studios, or the fees they charge, VSX is a great cost effective alternative which can still yield fantastic results. And you will find more & more of the world's top mixing engineers are now starting to do the same.

Don't get left behind...!


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