I Wish That they Would Too...

Hi everyone,
So today I'm finishing the vocals for my new song. It's a Christian themed song in a Country style, off the beaten track from my usual synth-based productions. I've called it I Wish That They Would Too.

It's about turning to God when I have troubles & trusting in the power of prayer. I know I don't have all the answers, but I do know that if I sit quietly & offer up my situation to Him, I always get the right response. It may not always be what want to hear, but it's what I need. And I know that if I just trust in His guidance, I'll always end up where I'm supposed to be. So many people try to do life on their own, battling headlong into their day-to-day struggles, quite often never really getting anywhere. It's a bit like one member of an orchestra choosing not to pay attention to the conductor & instead playing their own tune. It's not a pleasant sound in the bigger scheme of things.

Admitting we're not as strong & clever as we thought we were is one of the hardest things we can do. But we're not supposed to be. All we need to do is lay that burden down & turn to God, confused, angry, hurt, lonely, broken & exhausted. He has all the answers, I can promise you.

I can't do life alone, I was never meant to. I learned this a long time ago. That's why I turn to God.

I wish that they would too...

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