From the recording A Lifetime In The Making

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Written, produced & mixed by Roo McKeller

PRS tunecode - 545496AQ
ISWC - T-315.500.668-7


Slowly open up your eyes
And take a look around
Nothing here is what it seems
You've been sleeping for so long
Now it's time to wake, my friend
Take my hand and come with me

You'll see things you won't believe
It'll turn your heart around
When you realise the truth
Look towards the rising sun
And feel the warmth upon your face
As a new day dawns for you

There's a change on the horizon
And it's waiting up ahead
Leave the old beliefs behind you
Lift the weight from off your shoulders
And walk towards the light
Where the darkness cannot find you

Can't you see there's something more
If you'd only trust your heart
You don't have to be afraid
For a never-ending love
Like you've never felt before
Will slowly wash your pain away

It will wash your pain away
You don't have to be afraid
I will wash your pain away

With this love, with this love
With this never-ending love